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June 15, 2015, a leading supplier of low price exotic inspired sunglasses, is proud to announce it's partnership with Shark Watches, (available here.) an incredible line of remarkable timepieces that fits in perfectly with their existing product line. 

Shark watches are directly inspired by the smooth lines, stunning dashboards, and raw sex appeal of fine exotics like Lamborghini, Ferrari, Maserati, etc. Many feature the most popular color schemes, with stunning red and black, yellow and black, accented with flat metal finishes, raised metal accents, and unique patterns not seen in any other watch brand on the planet. Shark watches also feature the classic badge logo on all watches, a direct homage to the exotic cars that inspired these beautiful pieces.

"Johnny Shades caters to those looking for exotic, upscale fashion accessories, at really great prices." says owner Jeff Wittmeier. "We are absolutely NOT another knockoff company. We manufacture and represent only trademarked, genuine brands. They may be inspired by some of the greats out there, but you'll never see a $16 pair of ray-bans or $50 rolex at, that just isn't a part of what we stand for."

Why watches? "It was just a perfect fit, the perfect fashion accessory to sunglasses." says Wittmeier. "Our customer base is predominantly male, and men will get sunglasses and a matching color watch to compliment their vehicle. Our customers are typically very into cars, so finding sunglasses and watches that will compliment their Corvette or 350Z is quite exciting. Especially at our prices!" Lamborghini and Ferrari owners are also among their customers.

Along with Shark brand watches, also carries other fine exotic inspired watches that compliment the brand.

Check out all of the watches available at here.





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