Dirty sunglasses? Here are some tips on keeping your sunglasses spotless!

September 16, 2016

We’ve all done it. We take off a pair of glasses that are dirty and wipe them against whatever clothing we’re wearing. And then we wonder why our glasses continue to be all smudgy!

Keeping glasses clean not only keeps them looking new, it will help you see more clearly. Here are some common mistakes that we’ve probably all made in attempting to clean our glasses:

  1. Using clothing. Don’t use clothing to clean your glasses. What you’re wearing carries dust, and other debris from your day, that can scratch the lens. Instead, use a lens cloth if possible.
  2. Avoid dry surfaces such as a tissue or paper towel as they are too rough. Simply stick to water.
  3. Do not use cleaning products. Household cleaning products are meant for the home, not for glasses. They contain ammonia-based chemicals that can break down the protective coating on lenses.
  4. Try not to leave your glasses near hair or beauty products when getting yourself ready. Chemicals from hairspray and other beauty products can potentially damage the coating on lenses.
  5. Eyeglass cleaner can be used for travel, but is not a true substitute for soap and water.

To properly clean your glasses, keep it simple with good ol’ soap and water. Here’s how to wash your eyewear quickly and easily with the help of items already in your home:

  1. Begin by placing glasses under warm water, adding a drop of lotion-free dishwashing detergent to the tips of fingers.
  2. Lather on the lens, making sure to get both sides. Rub all parts of the frames for a few seconds. Don’t forget to wash off the nose pads and ends of the temples. Continue cleaning where the edge of the lens meets the frame as this is where skin oils and dust can hide.
  3. Set glasses aside while you wash your hands to remove excess soap. Washing your own hands is equally as important so that the oils on your fingers aren’t transferred to your eyewear.
  4. Rinse by holding glasses under warm water, making sure to turn them to get the top of glasses rinsed too. Repeat the rinsing process multiple times if needed to remove visible film.
  5. Shake glasses gently to remove water. Water should roll off the lenses, so there’s no need to overly dry them.
  6. Dry with a soft, clean cotton cloth by passing it over the edges. Use a dish towel that has not been laundered with fabric softener or a dryer sheet. A microfiber cloth for glasses can be used to clean up any remaining smudges.

Failing to clean glasses regularly can lead to build-up of oil and dirt. Not only can these films obscure your view, but they are usually noticeable by others as well. Clean up your routine by washing your glasses every morning and placing them somewhere safe at night. A clean pair of glasses ensures you’re putting your best face forward.

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