We're shrinking! (not really)....

You may have noticed some BIG changes here at Johnny Shades in the past few months, with hundreds of products being removed. Why you ask?

We've taken a much higher standard in regards to quality and customer service. The quality of our sunglasses has always been good, buying only from the best suppliers and factories, but as of now, we've taken it to a whole new level. For those looking for cheap throw-away sunglasses, there are plenty of great choices at Walmart or on Amazon.com. However, for just a bit more, you can now get some of the best quality sunglasses on the entire planet at JohnnyShades.com. (we're currently researching new intergalactic technologies ;)

Today, our mission is simple: To provide you sunglasses that are superior to store brands for 75% less. 

How do we do this? 

  1. We buy (and sell) in large volume. This means we have less styles to choose from, but we only stock the best performing, highest quality styles from our proven factories that we've worked with over the years. We buy over 10,000 pieces of a single style at one time, and we buy direct from the factory.... no distributors, wholesalers, etc.
  2. Our margins are small. The big brands are notorious for massive markup on sunglasses (watch the 60 minutes interview here.) We offer what we believe to be the best value sunglasses available today. We aren't the cheapest, and we aren't the most expensive, but we are the #1 best bang for your buck anywhere, guaranteed! If you enjoy the monopoly, continue to purchase the big brand names. However, brands like Harry's for shaving, MVMT for watches, and Johnny Shades for sunglasses are making huge impacts in industries that have had obvious monopolies for years.

We know you will be thrilled now that you've discovered a better way to buy sunglasses. 

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