The real difference between mens and womens sunglasses....

Mens, womens, or unisex sunglasses, what is the difference? Which do I choose? When shopping for sunglasses, the differences are not always apparant. Mens sunglasses are on one side of the store or website, womens are on the other, and many appear in both categories. What if I like a pair that's in the mens section? Is it alright to wear those?

With sunglasses, the bridge on mens is slightly wider, and the arms slightly longer. Womens sunglasses typically have larger and cover more of the face, with more curves, and flashier embelishments. Mens are typically somewhat smaller, straighter lines, with typically less color selection and embelishments. There are always exceptions, of course, and we try to offer styles for every taste imaginable.

At most of the sunglasses we sell are designed to be unisex sunglasses. Just because a pair only fits into one category has no bearing on proper fit. All of our sunglasses designed to fit the widest range of face shape and size. What I may consider to be mens sunglasses will often surprise me how well they work when a women wears them, and vice versa. I saw a pair of sunglasses just the other day from our womens category being worn by an older biker gentlemen in full leathers, and of course did not look feminine in any way!

The bottom line is, when choosing sunglasses, don't let categories and opinions tell you what works for you, if you like them, wear them proudly!

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