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"An absolute revolution in the sunglasses industry!"

We've taken away nearly all of the difficult barriers of entry needed to create your own highly profitable sunglasses business. With tried and tested established brands, high profit margins, and unique, high quality sunglasses, we've taken the risk and guesswork away giving you all the tools to succeed. Whether you are an existing store owner looking for a sunglasses solution, or are just starting your own online business, you'll be thrilled to finally find a sunglasses supplier that has YOUR best interests in mind.

Introducing A better way to wholesale:


No more bulk packs, order only exactly the styles and colors you choose.


No risk. If it doesn't sell, we'll take it back.


5x higher profits than store brands:
Typical store brand markup: 40%
JohnnyShades markup: 300%


You're approved! Easy qualifying, no huge investment, no brick and mortal requirement, simply sign up today and place your first order.

Access to all brands:

Custom Workout Plans


High quality, super affordable styles. Includes rigid branded box, hang tag. Sell: $25-$40/Cost $7-$15

1:1 Personal Training


Highest quality, compares with $200+ store brands. Includes Venom soft bag, keychain. (Shown with optional flight case). Sell: $60-$90/Cost $15-$28

Custom Workout Plans


Highly affordable womens fashion. Includes branded box, hang tag. Sell: $25-$50/Cost $7-$15

1:1 Personal Training


Fun, affordable, quality festival and party fashion. Sell: $15-$25/Cost: $4-$8

Join Fitness Challenges


Ridiculously fun, high quality. Includes soft bag, rigid branded box, sticker. Sell: $40-$60/Cost: $15-$20

15+ Years

You'll have access to the best selling styles at incredible wholesale prices, with years of data.

300% markup

 Industry Leading Profit Margins. Sell more, earn more, grow faster.


Low minimum order. Get started today with as little as $250.00.


Now accepting all resellers: No qualifying, less rules, less regulations, less work.

Start your sunglasses business today!

Welcome to the johnnyshades family!

Sign up here for your wholesale account:


What else do I need to know?

We have a few basic terms to become an authorized reseller that you need to know:
1. MAP (minimum advertised price) must be met. Advertising prices lower than MAP will result in closure of your reseller account. MAP prices are carefully calculated to end price competition and maximum profitability for all resellers.
2. You can sell through any online or brick and mortar marketplace of your choice, EXCEPT
3. There is a $250.00 minimum order on all orders, no exceptions. This small minimum allows us to maintain low prices and free shipping to you.

What is the approval process?

We approve 95% of all applicants for wholesale reseller accounts, eliminating the need to qualify, prove store ownership etc. We accept both online and brick and mortar resellers. Your wholesale reseller account will be set up within 24-48 hours.

Where can I find your wholesale prices?

Once approved, wholesale prices can be viewed by logging into your wholesale reseller account at

Can I use your photos?

Yes! All authorized resellers have permission to use any logos, artwork and photos from

Do I have to pay tax on wholesale orders?

Once you have a registered tax ID, simply send it to us and we'll update your account to be tax exempt. You can still set up a wholesale account and order without a tax ID, you will just be charged tax on your order until you can provide us with your tax ID#.

Do you accept returns?

Yes. You can exchange or return any items that don't sell provided they come back in original condition with all packaging.

Do you accept 30/60/90 day terms?

Due to our unique low pricing structure, we do not offer 30/60/90 day terms at this time. However, we do offer payment in 4 easy payments with Afterpay, available at checkout.

Where do you ship to?

We are currently accepting wholesale accounts worldwide. Free shipping is only available to US based accounts. For more information on shipping costs to your country sign up for a wholesale account above and we'll contact you with all costs and details upon account creation.

Is there a minimum order?

Yes, we currently have a small $250.00 minimum order on all wholesale orders. This allows us to keep your prices as low as possible and offer free shipping (within continental USA).

Do you drop ship?

We do not dropship at this time.

Where do you ship from?

We stock all inventory and ship from our Phoenix, AZ warehouse. All orders are shipping within 24 hours.

Any questions, suggestions, or ideas? Email us at