About Us

It all started back in 2004/2005 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We started selling through Ebay, Amazon and other online channels, experimenting with many different products. Through our travels, we would pick up a few pieces here and there, try selling them (with varied success) and then move on to the next thing. It wasn't until we found our true passion for fashion that things started to really take off. We went to many industry trade shows, and built connections with some smaller boutique manufacturers. We then built products that are of the highest quality, yet still surprisingly affordable. We're so proud to bring you JohnnyShades.com, which is the culmination of nearly a decade of building an incredibly unique product line that you will agree is unlike anything you will find anywhere else in the market today.

Our Canadian roots gave us a lot of difficulty in regards to shipping. (Shipping rates are about 6 times higher than the rest of the world). This made it very difficult to continue to offer our low prices, so in 2011, we loaded up trucks and moved 2400 miles away to Phoenix, Arizona. No, we don't miss the snow! Our move enabled us to become a leader in the affordable eye wear market. Because of our high selling volume, we are able to offer free shipping WORLDWIDE! Yes, you did read that correctly! Since our move, we've sold hundreds of thousands of pairs of sunglasses to customers around the world. American customers are still our biggest fans (and largest customer base - Thank you so much!) Our customers love that we are able to provide our unique products around the world at the same affordable prices.

In the coming years, we'll be constantly searching for new items that will fit in with our vision, and what you, our customers tell us you want to see more of.

JohnnyShades.com is all about the Rock 'N Roll experience, a luxurious lifestyle brand that is affordable for anyone.

Please let us know your thoughts, comments or concerns! email: support@johnnyshades.com