Johnny Shades End of Summer Pool Party!

We had a massive end of the summer pool party here at Johnny Shades and we wanted to share the experience with you!

We had yoga, a DJ, a bartender, tacos, and even a photo booth! Everything necessary to make it a memorable night.

Everyone had a blast and loved every moment!

We wanted to ask our guests what they will miss most as we approach the cooler season, and also, what their favorite pair of JOHNNYSHADES were!

Janko's Picks

Poolside drink of choice: Mojito!

Favorite Summer Snack: MMM, Pineapples

End of summer jam:  Scott Matthew - Upside down

Marina's Picks

Poolside drink of choice: Arnold Palmer, on the rocks.

Favorite Summer Snack: WATERMELON.

End of summer jam: Dirty Heads - My Sweet Summer

Mark's Picks

Poolside drink of choice: Bloody Mary.

Favorite Summer Snack: Easy, ice cream sandwiches

End of summer jam: Green Day - Wake me up when September ends (...?)

And lastly we asked Jeff, the creator of, what his top picks were!

Poolside drink of choice: Caipirinha (OK, fancy! Basically a Brazilian Mojito)

Favorite Summer Snack: Fish. Tacos.

End of summer jam: anything Bob Marley, reggae jams


What are your favorite summer picks? Comment below and let us know!

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